New Data on Ontario’s Landfill Disposal Capacity – Are we Approaching a Crisis?

21 Jan 2019
12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

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21 Jan 2019
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OWMA has recently completed the collection of confidential data from landfill facilities through the OWMA ReTRAC data collection system. The aggregated data tells a very interesting and compelling story about the state of private sector and municipal landfills and the shifting capacity equation that is critical to our current and future waste management system. This presentation will overview the aggregated data and provide some interpretation and context to what the data is telling both the sector and the government.

Clearly, despite increased waste diversion opportunities and the advancement of new technologies, there remains a need for landfill disposal of residual waste. However, solid waste disposal capacity in the province is declining and lengthy and more complex approval processes continue to present a challenge to expand of site new landfills, for both the private and public sectors.  The cross over point between depleted capacity and the time to secure new approved landfill capacity is imminent.

Even though disposal options out of province presently exit, they come with their own risks and long term sustainability concerns. The export of waste to US jurisdictions is increasing and the politics around Canadian waste in the US is heating up again.


About the Speaker

Rob Cook & Mike Chopowick - OWMA

Rob and Mike have led the collection, aggregation and analysis of landfill data from the ReTRAC system. The Re-TRAC data is unmatched in terms of detail, accuracy and timeliness and when combined with 3rd party data, provides a unique view into the landfill system in Ontario and the disposal framework both within and beyond Ontario. In addition to reviewing the data and trends, Rob and Mike will provide a synopsis of data ‘outcomes’ and potential policy needs informed by their combined years of government advocacy and engagement on both the specifics of waste management and general public policy..

21 Jan 2019
12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

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