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W2RO’s Re-TRAC Connect Database

As part of the Waste to Resource Ontario's ongoing efforts to provide quality, industry specific data in an accessible, effective format, we are continuing to refine and build on our existing database of landfills and organics processing facilities in Ontario.

In 2016, W2RO invested in the Re-TRAC Connect data collection and analysis platform to gather annual facility-based information that could help the business community and different levels of government learn about broader industry trends.

Thanks to the participation of our members and other organizations within the industry, our first surveys were a great success.

The information is helped to inform businesses with planning decisions while assisting Ontario's Ministry of the Environment as it moves forward with waste diversion policies.

To help improve this database, we are currently finalizing our Transfer Station reports. Our objective is to create a continually evolving platform for managing and monitoring the performance of solid waste collection, processing and disposal systems across Ontario.

For members who haven’t filled in their information yet, please do so as soon as possible. If you're an existing user, please, log on to Re-TRAC Connect and update the information on your account. Your account name is your email address. If you're forgotten your password, please click here. If you're a new user, please, contact W2RO by emailing or calling 416-674-1542.

Again, confidentiality and anonymity of company specific data is guaranteed within this system. We appreciate the industry's support for this initiative as we continue working toward our goal of establishing the most comprehensive and accurate source of waste and recycling management in Ontario.

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