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About Us

About W2RO

Waste to Resource Ontario (W2RO) is the voice of the waste, recycling, and resource management sector in Ontario.  W2RO represents over 240 organizations across the province including private sector companies, public sector municipalities, and organizations and individuals involved in the waste management sector in Ontario. Together they manager over 85% of the province’s waste and 90% of the provinces recycling.  W2RO member have diverse interests and capital investments in areas such as waste and recycling collection, landfills, transfer stations, material recycling facilities, organics processing and composting, and hazardous waste from both a recycling and disposal perspective.

W2RO has been an active stakeholder in the development and implementation of waste, recycling, and resource regulatory initiatives at all levels of government – federal, provincial and municipal.  By collaborating and proactively working together with the province and our members, we can identify and implement our five strategic pillars:

  1. Solving Ontario’s Landfill Capacity Crisis
  2. Collaborating for Sustainable and Best-in-class EPR programs for all Ontarians
  3. Continuing Red Tape Reduction to Ensure Ontario Remains Open for Business
  4. Maximizing Resource and Energy Recovery to Strengthen Ontario’s Economy
  5. Unlocking the Industry by Working for Workers and Businesses in Ontario



W2RO is the voice of the waste and recycling management sector. We monitor and assess regulatory and legal developments to develop detailed research and provide expert advice to the government focused on creating a cleaner environment and moving toward a more circular economy in Ontario.

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Waste and Recycling Management Sector

Our sector provides essential environmental services to Ontarians, including: waste and recyclables collection and transfer, organics processing and composting, resource recovery and material recycling, hazardous waste management and safe disposal.

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Sustainable Growth

The waste and recycling management sector contributes more than $4.23 billion to Ontario's economy and employs about 33,327 people in Ontario. Moving to a circular economy, in which more materials are recovered and recycled into new products, could support the creation of about 13,000 new jobs and provide a $1.5-billion boost to the province’s GDP.

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W2RO is at the forefront of addressing waste and recycling management issues and needs by providing cutting-edge research publications and advice that impact our sector. W2RO keeps its members informed about the latest developments in the sector with timely communications, workshops and webinars.

Join Ontario's leading association for the waste management and recycling sector