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    Setting a new standard in the waste management sector

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CSA Guideliness and Setting Standards in Ontario's Waste Sector

The waste management sector is undergoing a period of rapid change. New technology is transforming the way businesses and municipalities collect, sort and recycle materials. Competition among waste haulers and processors is leading to more efficient production systems and practices. However, customers requiring waste collection and recycling services are often unable to verify how their materials are being managed while governments continue to struggle with gathering and verifying the data needed to track the sector’s progress.

To help address this issue, W2RO worked with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to develop SPE-890: A Guideline for Accountable Management of End-of-Life Materials, which was released in 2015 to improve the collection of data and ensure the sustainable management of waste.

Organizations that receive verification under this guideline must adhere to a common set of definitions, report performance rates and undergo third-party data audits to ensure accuracy. Meeting these requirements strengthens the reputation of verified businesses while giving them the ability to provide detailed information to their customers to assist in making more effective decisions on recycling and organics diversion. To get a copy of the guideline, visit the CSA's website or click here.



To set and maintain rigorous reporting and environmental standards in the waste management sector that ensure all companies and organizations work toward increased waste diversion on a level-playing field.


W2RO's Position

The Guideline for Accountable Management of End-of-Life Materials remains voluntary, but its rigorous tracking and reporting requirements, along with its independent analysis and verification process, could serve as a model for the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority’s new reporting system under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act.

W2RO has made this recommendation to the Authority, and we continue to work with our partners to ensure that strict standards are put in place to protect the environment and increase waste diversion in Ontario.